Wind Machine Rental

If you’re looking for a wind machine in Florida give me a call. I’ve got one and you can use it for a reasonable fee. Just email me and I’ll give you all the details.

Aaron Copland Appalachian Spring

Appalachian spring percussion and timpani

Get the Right Timpani Head: We’ll Show You How

There are basically two manufacturers of synthetic timpani head; Remo and Evans. Both companies produce fine products that will fit any timpani out there because they come in all sizes. Determining what size head you need is the most important step and there are a couple of resources that will ensure you buy the right […]

The Percussion Room: An Essential Resource for Percussionists

Up until recently the percussionist has had to use a variety of sources on the internet or in books to find information about many of the important things that every percussionist and/or timpanist needs to know at some point in their careers whether they are a student, amateur or professional player. But make sure you […]

How to Play the Double Paradiddle

The Double Paradiddle is a variation of the Paradiddle but instead of the 4 strokes that play the Paradiddle there are 6 in the Double Paradiddle and it is normally a rudiment that is played in sextuplet feel. Take a look at this video and I’ll walk you through the double paradiddle sticking and how […]

How to Make a Triangle Playing Machine

Here’s the problem; you have to play too many instruments in your band or orchestra and you don’t have the time to pick up a triangle beater because your hands are full of other mallets. What you need is a holder for your triangle beater so that all you have to do is hit one […]

How to Play a 5 Stroke Roll

A five stroke roll is played like this RRLLR or LLRRL. Take a few minutes and watch my video lesson on how to play the 5 stroke roll before you go further into the lesson. Watching it actually played out and hearing the sound might make the following musical notation and exercises easier to understand. […]