How to Play the Tambourine

The Basics of Playing the Tambourine Hold the tambourine in one hand and strike the head of the tambourine with your other hand. If you are right handed I suggest that you hold the tambourine in your left hand and strike it with your right. Different sounds are made depending on what part of your […]

How to Play a Crescendo and a Diminuendo Tambourine Roll

Crescendo means to get louder and Diminuendo means to get softer. When you want to play a Crescendo Tambourine Roll start by playing your tambourine way down low and as soft as you can play. As you roll louder, raise the tambourine up high as you shake it more vigorously. When you want to play […]

How to Play a Thumb Roll and a Finger Roll on the Tambourine

A thumb roll is a wonderful technique to be able to perform when you need to play a quiet roll on a tambourine. The first thing you need to do is to get your tambourine a little sticky. I use bee’s wax, but you can use rosin or the Grover Roll Ring to make your […]

How to Play Fast Rhythms on a Tambourine

Sometimes the rhythms that are written for the tambourine are just too fast to play with one hand, so the percussionist needs to learn a technique or three to play very fast rhythms. Take a look at this video for a step by step approach to playing fast rhythms on the tambourine Playing Fast Rhythms […]