How to Play Very Fast Cymbal Crashes

Playing very fast cymbal crashes is possible if you learn how to do the Multi Flap Stroke. The Multi Flap is a technique name coined by Frank Epstein in his book Cymbalisms and is very effective. To execute this technique you hold the left cymbal still and vertical. Place the bottom of the right cymbal […]

How to Play a Cymbal Crash in 11 Steps

Frank Epstein was the Boston Symphony Orchestra’s Cymbalist for 40 years and during his reign as the cymbal master with this world class orchestra he developed his treatise on cymbal playing technique entitled “Cymbalisms”. Mr. Epstein created an eleven part step by step process for the percussionist to develop their cymbal stroke and he describes […]

How to Play the Cymbals: The Basics

This article and its accompanying video is the first of a series of cymbal lessons at Free Percussion Lessons that look at playing crash cymbals and using the teachings and lessons of Frank Epstein, Boston Symphony Orchestra Cymbalist (retired). Mr Epstein played with the Boston Symphony for 40 years and during that time he developed […]

How to Tie a Cymbal Strap on to Your Crash Cymbals

When your cymbal straps get old they need to be replaced or when you get a new pair of cymbals you’ll have to tie on the cymbal straps. Here’s how to tie the cymbal strap on your crash cymbals A cymbal strap is made from leather and either end of the strap is split so […]