How to Play the Djembe: Learn the Basics

The West African Djembe has three basic sounds. In this lesson Aldo Mazza, founder and educator with KoSa Music  and member of the percussion ensemble Repercussion explains the techniques necessary to play this amazing hand drum. He’ll also show us how to play a simple Casa Rhythm on the Djembe. In this video, Aldo Mazza […]

How to Play the Bodhran

The Irish Bodhran is a simple frame drum that’s played with a small double ended stick called a tipper and in the hands of an experienced musician it can produce some wonderful rhythms and sounds. If you’re looking to buy a Bodran you can find a lot of great options here. Bodhrans aren’t too expensive […]

How to Hand Drum on the Djembe: The Basics

Learning and practicing hand drumming is a valuable way for every percussionist to learn how to create wonderful sounds on every percussion instrument. When you play timpani, snare drum, or xylophone for example you always have a stick between you and the instrument, so it’s important to have some experience in making a good sound […]