How to Play the Double Paradiddle

The Double Paradiddle is a variation of the Paradiddle but instead of the 4 strokes that play the Paradiddle there are 6 in the Double Paradiddle and it is normally a rudiment that is played in sextuplet feel. Take a look at this video and I’ll walk you through the double paradiddle sticking and how […]

How to Play a 5 Stroke Roll

A five stroke roll is played like this RRLLR or LLRRL. Take a few minutes and watch my video lesson on how to play the 5 stroke roll before you go further into the lesson. Watching it actually played out and hearing the sound might make the following musical notation and exercises easier to understand. […]

How to Play Swiss Triplets

Swiss Triplets sound the same as a Flam Accent but they utilize a different sticking. Flam Accents are lRLR rLRL and Swiss Triplets are lRRL lRRL Here’s a Video Lesson on How to Play Swiss Triplets Here’s what Swiss Triplets look like in musical notation Let’s take a look at the sticking of the Swiss […]

How to Play a Flam Accent

The Flam Accent is a very important rudiment to practice because it works your triplet feel, your double sticking and your flams. Take a look at this video and I’ll go over the flam accent for you. In musical notation, the flam accent looks like this: The first thing to do is to play a […]

How to Develop Finger Technique for Snare Drum

Finger technique or finger control of the snare drum stick is an important skill for every percussionist to practice. It is a necessary technique to have for playing fast single strokes, playing quietly as well as general playing all around. Practice playing the exercise 8 on a hand where you play 8 strokes with your […]

How to Play Measured Rolls

A Measured roll is a way of keeping track of the beat that you are playing when you are rolling and depending on the tempo you can roll in either a duple or a triple subdivision. Watch this Video Lesson on How to Play Measured Rolls This is how to think of playing duple subdivision: […]

How to Play an Even Sounding Open Stroke Roll

The open stroke roll is played by bouncing your sticks twice RRLLRRLL but it’s a common problem for the snare drummer to sound like RrLlRrLl which is very uneven. In order to develop a more even sounding open stroke roll you need to practice playing it like this with an accent on the second R […]