How to Make a Triangle Clip

The poor triangle is often mistreated and subjected to a variety of inappropriate methods of suspending the instrument in playing position.

A good triangle clip allows that triangle to ring and vibrate to its maximum potential and it needs to be held in a stable manner so that it doesn’t swing and sway when the player strikes it.

A very common triangle clip ailment is the shoe lace. The shoe lace triangle suspension system is often employed at a school where the “real” triangle clip has been lost or broken and in a period of desperation someone’s shoe lace was donated to the cause and everyone has just resigned to the fact that the shoe lace now holds the triangle.

Well, the shoe lace can’t stay. It’s too thick and absorbs the triangle’s vibrations, it swings wildly when it’s played and it looks terrible.

Here’s a simple triangle clip recipe that is inexpensive to make and will last a long time while allowing your triangle to sound its absolute best.

For a detailed description of how to make your triangle clip watch this video lesson

What Do You Need to Make a Good Triangle Clip?

What you need is easily purchasable at any hardware store and sporting goods store for next to nothing.

tools for making a triangle clip

Here’s what you need to make a triangle clip:

  • A four inch spring clip is available for about a dollar at any hardware store
  • You need a Zip Tie which is also available at the hardware store. You can get a package of them for a dollar or two, but you really only need one. Find a friend and make several triangle clips and you can split the cost of the zip ties
  • Vinyl tubing is found at your neighborhood hardware store and you need the 1/8 inch tubing for this project. You can buy this by the foot for less than a dollar.
  • Lastly, you need to go to the sporting goods store and get some fishing line. My recipe calls for 40Lb test. It’s strong yet thin but it has some rigidity that makes it easier to attach to your triangle.

Step 1: Drill Holes in the Clip

Drill two holes in the spring clip where you would like the triangle to be held.

Step 2: Thread the Zip Tie

Thread a Zip Tie through one of the holes from the inside of the clip.

Step 3: Cut the Tubing

Cut a one inch piece of vinyl tubing with scissors and slip it over the zip tie.

Step 4: Thread the Other End of the Zip Tie

Thread the other end of the zip tie through the second hole that you drilled in the clip and fasten it in place

Step 5: Thread the Fishing Line

Thread a piece of fishing line through the vinyl sleeve and tie a good knot so that there will be a one inch loop of fishing line hanging from the vinyl sleeve. For a tutorial on a good knot to use take a look at this page and the Double Fisherman’s Knot that’s described there.

Step 6: Pull the Knot Tight

Pull the knot into the vinyl sleeve so that you just have a single loop of fishing line and you’re done.

Here’s what the end result should look like:

completed triangle clip

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