How to Play a Fortissimo Piano Roll with a Crescendo on Timpani

What do we do when we see the following dynamic notation in a piece we’re playing?

fortissimo piano roll sheet music

The trick is to play the drum loudly with a single note and to be patient. Let the sound almost die away to nothing and then start your roll at that very quiet level of sound.

Then take your time with your crescendo.

In most cases it’s better to wait until the very last couple of beats of the passage to really let your crescendo explode, but every piece of music is different, so use your ears!

Watch the Video Lesson for Playing Fortissimo Piano Rolls with a Crescendo on Timpani

Remember the following when playing Fortissimo Piano Rolls on Timpani

  • Play one loud note and wait
  • When the sound has just about faded away start your pp roll and match your roll dynamic with the level of sound that is remaining from your initial strike
  • Wait! Be Patient! Don’t start your crescendo too soon. At the very end of the second measure you can let your sound explode.

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