How to Play the Double Paradiddle

The Double Paradiddle is a variation of the Paradiddle but instead of the 4 strokes that play the Paradiddle there are 6 in the Double Paradiddle and it is normally a rudiment that is played in sextuplet feel.

double paradiddle rudiment sheet music 1

Take a look at this video and I’ll walk you through the double paradiddle sticking and how to practice this versatile rudiment

Practice this rudiment as well as all of the rudiments starting slowly at first so that you develop the muscle memory which will help you to be able to play this rudiment very quickly.

It is a great rudiment for snare drum passages that you want to stick with a right hand lead such as the snare drum part from Rimsky Korsakov’s, Scheherazade.
rimsky korsakov scheherazade paradiddle excerpt

If you use a Double Paradiddle sticking for the 6 sixteenth notes it makes it easier to play the Ruffs with the right hand and when you play this type of orchestral excerpt playing consistently is very important.

The Double Paradiddle is a useful rudiment when you are playing drum set, timpani, or a multi percussion set. The rudiment allows you to play continuous sextuplets around various drums and when you need to switch drums to the right or to the left of your set up this sticking will really help you.
double paradiddle rudiment sheet music 2

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