Live One-on-One Percussion Lessons are Now Available!

Take your percussion skills up a notch with a single one-on-one lesson or series of lessons with Andrew Proctor from Free Percussion Lessons, all in the comfort of your own home or studio!

Free Percussion Lessons Now Offers:

Tutoring for Middle School and High School Percussionists

Do you have a solo competition, performance evaluation, or test coming up but can’t find a private teacher to work with in your area? We can help you develop a custom practice routine, give you tips on your technique, and make sure you blow your school’s band director’s mind.

Mentorship to Help You Get Back into Playing Again After All Those Years

Did you play percussion in the school band back in the day but lost track of it after entering the “real” world? If you’re interested in shaking off the rust and picking up the mallets or drumsticks again we can help you to quickly get back in shape. Whether you’re just looking to spend your free time having fun on the drums or prepping for a part in the community orchestra, we’ll work with you to get back into an effective practice routine.

Professional Audition Coaching for Students and Working Percussionists Alike

Have a big audition coming up? Whether you’re trying to get into a great music school program, summer festival, or just looking for another set of eyes on your next professional audition we can give you critical coaching to push you over the top. Even if you haven’t auditioned in a while, we’ll work together to get you back into a winning shape.

Private online lessons are available by appointment for either a 30 minute or a 60 minute lesson. All you need is a computer, a web cam, your percussion instrument of choice, and a high speed internet connection.

Buy Lessons As You Need Them:

30 minutes for $30

60 minutes for $60

Buying a Month’s Worth of Weekly Lessons to Lock in Your Timeslots:

4 half hour lessons for $110

4 full hour lessons for $210

Ready to Jump Your Percussion Playing to the Next Level?

Not sure which lesson is right for you? Fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch with you within 48 hours.

All lessons are done with me, Andrew Proctor, and I’ll give you the technical and musical exercises that you need to get to your next level and work with you how to be the best percussionist you can possibly be. I’ll give you the right things to practice and motivate you and encourage you along that way of your progression. One thing I can’t do for you is to practice for you. You have to do that yourself, but I’ll help you plan for improvement and work your plan so that you will see results the results of your efforts.

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