Timpani Lessons

Timpani playing is deceptively tricky. On the surface the rhythms are generally easy and usually you are asked to play only two notes. But, there is an awful lot of technique involved in playing these amazing drums properly.

In these lessons I cover the basics like tuning, rolling and give you exercises that can help you develop these skills. Maintenance of your drums and mallets is all part of the gig and knowing about these things can really help you if you’re a player or if you’re teacher you’ll be able to keep your percussionists on track to being the best that they can be.

Timpani Basics

Consider these your introductory lessons to the timpani. You’ll learn all you need to know to get started.

Timpani Tuning

To play the timpani right, you have to play it in tune and learn how to change the notes on the fly.

Timpani Exercises and Playing Techniques

Remember, practice makes perfect. Use these timpani exercises to focus your practice time and develop proper playing technique.

Timpani Rolls

So many rolls and so little time! Learn how to play the best timpani roll possible with these lessons.

Timpani Dampening and Muting

Looking for that softer sound? Learn how to properly dampen or mute your timpani without ruining the piece.

Timpani Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Once in a while you’re going to run into problems with your drums. Learn the nuts and bolts of timpani maintenance so you never miss another gig because your equipment’s in the shop.

If you’d like our full list of percussion lessons, see our Percussion Lessons Index page.

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